Giant passage. Pillars of love and greatness, symbols of adulation and eternity. Circle in an aurora and flowers of life. This glorious sacred place has been the palace of love and wisdom, where Magicians, Priestesses and angelic beings ruled energies of Atlantis, where innocent was trained to be blessed, where magic was born and well kept, Where I was trained., loved and exclusive

Lifetimes after lifetimes I came here, looking for a deeper understanding of creatural life, with my soul brothers and sisters.

Eyes blend of blood and tears, women in arms, lover my friend and my heart, whispering words, love songs from elderly times, realms of creation and great connection. Eyes pink like the sun behind rainbow, her hair so golden and fire, her allure so exceptional, in her velvet coverting. She lays down, bleeding from the heart and smiling, I reaching and kissing

Anger and pain are raising in my heart, the loss and betrayal, the power I possess and which I was born, can’t be controlled now.

Male body laying next to her, one life I just took, an old friend turned his path in a heart beat, powers, its all about the power he said, when my dagger did penetrate his heart, he took my lover away. Black magicians, something what has born just now, a new way to rule they say.

Steps rushing in, more coming here, they have taken control of the sacred mystery school, they are here now, and we are gone.

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