It’s funny to think that just a moment ago I was in my seat, observing Joy Crowley’s lecture, and now I find myself in the realms of Lemuria, standing in front of a colossal pyramid. I breathe in and step forward, but at the same time something magnetizes me, something comes out from inside me. I can feel a blue ray around me. I recall everything this temple used to be—a centre of Lemuria, a time when we as beings were singular, united as one and not divided by duality.

At the very beginning when planet Earth started to explore physical life, we arrived from the stars and settled in by using higher-dimensional pyramids and temples to create our reality. This mortal form of duality that we know of today was created by our minds and our hearts, which took millions of years to experience. It was a whole new method for the spirit to explore this Universe. We thus needed to split in two, disconnecting our male and female energies, creating the human body—a perfect vehicle to experience this realm. Over time, our energies would change dramatically. Each seeding, allowing us to complete our energies, would take place at the start of every golden age, the planting of which occurred in Atlantis. During each transition, we could reclaim our unity with the male and female energies, enabling us to find our wholeness, something we are searching for.

In my vision of Lemuria, I see myself standing in front of a holographic chamber. A golden plate, together with crystals, illuminates the room. Symbols are carved in the walls, and the ceiling allows a star’s light from Sirius to shine through. The markings on the wall map human evolution; it is very much like a chart of creation, illustrating who you are as an individual, your soul name and your mission (on a need-to-know basis). As the sapphire fire approaches me slowly, I can feel their sun, their spirit, and I know that they are the children of Sirius. Their electric-blue skin, their loving energy and the sparkle deep in their cosmic eyes, as their loving gaze spins my energy a couple of times. I feel my body and I taste my energies. In this chamber I create a new me—the one who can remember and be the one within himself. I let the starlight penetrate deep, down in my cells. I let my male and female energies connect and love each other. I want them to be together, standing as one, supporting one another as was meant to be.

As I touch the symbol given me, I see a glimpse of the future—just a small breath of wind but enough for me to taste it. Now I can feel the future and its adventures. I can connect with the beings from the past couple of weeks—the ‘calling of God’. It all makes sense to me. I am catapulted through time and space and I go back to where my work first started. My first time on this planet as a soul and being, I came to Lemuria, as so many of us did, to create a holographic reality—a dream within a dream.

A higher dimension’s gateway to a sophisticated reality, Lemuria served as a footstep for the creation of Atlantis, and after its fall, Lemuria was hidden within inner dimensions. It is therefore a place that cannot be taken away from humanity; rather, humanity needs to find the means to go back there. I can see holographic pyramids and temples working in a timeless space, in a world of transparent beings and bodies. It may all sound untrue and magical, but it is a world of Oneness, in which separation does not exist. How much we have enjoyed living in duality on Earth, as if we had our own time string leaving from the pyramids of love, creating a perfect illusion in the outer dimensions of our dream. I now see how beings do split in half, creating a duality of energies, male and female fire. What makes me curious, though, is that this is actually also an illusion, as we are.

But how can we separate our masculine and feminine energies; how can we split ourselves in half from Oneness, from wholeness? We can’t. They still reside within—just take a deep look inside, and you will find your wholeness. We did leave our wisdom in Lemuria, just to get it back once again at a later time. After all, how many of us have remembered the call to return back to its walls?—its great cities are still there. How many of us have forgotten the work we set out to do there? If we had not remained damaged, ‘would we be developed’? Yet here we are, drifting away, lost in time and space, waiting for another door to open.

Before Atlantis met her fate, we all agreed to come back here to complete our core, to transform boundless cities in higher realms, to create something magical on this Earth. Then the time came for us to be lost. Some of us found a way back there, and many of us are still finding it now.

Walking, once again embracing our true powers, claiming our identity as masters, starts from the realization of our origins. We are beings of pure light and love, evolved in eternity and masters of time and space. Yet we still stand idle at the gates of peace and greatness. And here I am. Taking steps in my evolution, remembering greatness and creation. Nothing is new or old. All is just within us. It’s a question of embodiment—how much is one ready for?—and a matter of when. Then when one is ready to be the ‘Lemurian’ or the ‘Atlantean’ once again, you take a step forward, making a conscious choice to remember. There is no hiding at a singular point in life. There is only a need to be a holographic point in time and space. I want to be as I once was—whole on the inside. As for my outside, it is time to receive my presence once again.
7. Sapphire of Sirius
In a chamber of creation
I let love be near.
Eyes so dear, watching near
Symbols from stars beyond.

Carving the blue whisper in my wind
A dear so near, holding the flame close-by.
Rays of stars, in symbols of soul stars
A whisper of real.

Deep down in our plane, so clear
Missed clue of stars are so clear
I close my eyes and let a sapphire
Teardrop near to my dear.

Closing choices, of realms so clear
Windows of stars, shining behind the Sun.
Secrets left behind, form of tears
Behind the tree of life.

Symbols of love, wisdom,
Creation of time, space of love
I collect and remember my pyramid
Made from sapphire of Sirius.

Stardust of gods, kisses of goddess
I enter in timeless moments of eternal fire.
Bliss and spirit I walk as one
Once more, I am sapphire of Sirius.
I slowly return to the third dimension. I hear Joy’s voice. I feel my heartbeat, my breath, legs, arms, and once again, my eyes slowly reconstruct this reality for me. As I concentrate my thoughts on the moment, I come to the realisation that I was in Lemuria. I ponder on this magnificent journey, reminding me where we once came from. It was indeed an intense experience. I am very happy. I recall a dreamworld of divinity, painted emotions of tranquillity, peace and oneness. Like a poet in chaos, dreaming a perfect storm of emotions, I sail a ship of magical powers. In the end, I have found my peace and my place. Flowers seed the tender kiss of nature as stars shine in the face of God. With these overwhelming sensations flowing through me, I could stand up and kiss everybody.

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