Temple, under the silky water, she is walking behind the curtain. Blue transparent, her dress made from a silk like material made from sparkles of emerald, her hazel green eyes, sparks of the song made from star dust. Her hair landing on her hips, golden strings flowing in air, ambiance of moon rays.

Nearby, close to her, just standing next to her. Portal of enigma a pool of magic. The dagger she dropped spark of her blood, drop slowly voyaged, slowly changed shape danced in the air. Forming shapes of round the heart and its oval. Symbols of the eternal sun. A sharp edge of her dagger, shining the crystal light, gazing the full moon, reflected by the ocean, clear and so deep.

Her lips kissing and manifesting the power, sensuality, and magic. Fingers dropping blood on her lips. She is holding her gaze, she is breathing.
Her fire is to about flame, the day when Atlantis was made from magic. The message, typed in a drop of the blood, travels inside of the crystal, the emerald sun hails. Her spirit far away in the universe, she is in a trance, appearing disappearing and transforming. Like an eagle, she flies over the stars over the edge of the universe.

Cries, smiles and her heart with her, hips dance with the moon as the energy opens, rain and star gates. Thunder brings lighting storm and music of Sun

Breath and symbols within her space leave the conscience apart
Glue the symbols together, beam the stars to earth,
There she rides with the Sun
Unicorn, holds the word in her heart, kisses the sun with her eyes.
Devoir of sun she is called.

Path of wisdom she walks
Breaths the fire of dragon, near the green emerald.
She looks around, the temple so golden.
walls rounded, no corners in her space, air glowing green fire.
Floor of symbols of smiling Sun, stars and text so sacred, she gathers her voice and sings, shouts and commands, thunder responses lighting hail and fire, dragons fly, unicorns run, angels stands by her.

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