I kept thinking about that meeting the rest of the day. My heart was racing and dimensions were crumbling. I was aware that I had in some way locked my musical side out a couple of years ago due to frustration and self-criticism. Nevertheless, I wanted to shake off all that pain and fear I was holding onto. I knew my fears had to be faced—old, new and everything in between. I had twenty hours to get myself ready. And this anxiety I was feeling reminded me of my past piano lessons. My turn to play was always after an opera singer, who sang like an army of angels. Her voice was so beautiful, in Italian, German, English . . . I quickly shake these thoughts off as I realise I am creating an impossible comparison. Gazing at the ceiling of my apartment, I resolve to again face my fear—be it a small or a large thing, it’s still there, and until I face it, it won’t go anywhere.


In my vision of Lemuria, I see myself standing in front of a holographic chamber. A golden plate, together with crystals, illuminates the room. Symbols are carved in the walls, and the ceiling allows a star’s light from Sirius to shine through. The markings on the wall map human evolution; it is very much like a chart of creation, illustrating who you are as an individual, your soul name and your mission (on a need-to-know basis). As the sapphire fire approaches me slowly, I can feel their sun, their spirit, and I know that they are the children of Sirius. Their electric-blue skin, their loving energy and the sparkle deep in their cosmic eyes, as their loving gaze spins my energy a couple of times. I feel my body and I taste my energies. In this chamber I create a new me—the one who can remember and be the one within himself. I let the starlight penetrate deep, down in my cells. I let my male and female energies connect and love each other. I want them to be together, standing as one, supporting one another as was meant to be.

Sapphire of Sirius

Sapphire of Sirius

In a chamber of creation

I let love be near.

Eyes so dear, watching near

Symbols from stars beyond.

Carving the blue whisper in my wind

A dear so near, holding the flame close-by.

Rays of stars, in symbols of soul stars

A whisper of real.

Deep down in our plane, so clear

Missed clue of stars are so clear

I close my eyes and let a sapphire

Teardrop near to my dear.


Closing choices, of realms so clear

Windows of stars, shining behind the Sun.

Secrets left behind, form of tears

Behind the tree of life.


Symbols of love, wisdom,

Creation of time, space of love

I collect and remember my pyramid

Made from sapphire of Sirius.

Stardust of gods, kisses of goddess

I enter in timeless moments of eternal fire.

Bliss and spirit I walk as one

Once more, I am sapphire of Sirius.


I place myself at the mercy of a taxi driver, and as he drives along the roads I am captured by the scenery, but I cannot help but wonder if he is in fact driving on roads or potato fields. I had my share of bizarre roads in the past, but this possibly exceeds the rest. As I continue to wobble around inside of an old Mercedes Benz, I notice that the traffic rules seem to have come out of a Mad Max movie. Still, it doesn’t matter. I am captured by a moment in time.


Indeed, Malta is turning out to be quite the place. Here I am able to claim and remember the true magician that I am, and the deeper I voyage, the more the pit of my emotions begins to surface. Villages and towns serve as reference points, some pulling me in like a magnet, others rejecting me. Either way, I look for those special places, those ‘power points’ where I can recharge, where I can explore endlessly—beaches in particular—in order to renew myself. All the love I am holding in this space arises from the depth of my being. If I could only freeze time, allowing that smile to last forever, that girl to talk to me longer, that drink to keep refilling itself, that street to never end . . . I am living and loving every second, just as a dragon would love its own fire.