Amity of heart

Circles, pathways, and phases are open. She channels symbols so divine, soft and clear, her lips speak softly, her hips dance fluently. Her skin shines in star dust and her eyes shine.Knowing, feeling contracts to be fulfilled, calling to change phases and activate something, ones what been waiting this moment, eons ago. Energies and vibrations, They need to change, she knows.
In this ambiance of the night, under the full moon, she knows as feels. Something did activate. Something long awaited phase, a spear of love and kiss of the star. At the very moment, she takes her dagger and mirrors the moon ray to a cup of tears. She needs to go. As she steps out the temple, watching as her pale white horse, is waiting, no scarcity here even the thunder rains down, even the lighting illuminates the night sky and droplets wash the mountain peak. She flows back of the horse. A picture so beautiful, magical, behind her a crystal place of Venus, reflecting light of moon and stars, rhyming of lightings, decorating the landscape, as the water hail washes down. Her hair embracing rain drops, figures of priestess and beauty evoking, as the soft fabric kisses the beautiful flowery figures on her body. Blur and cloud in this tainting ride, as her breath speeds, she is in a hurry, pathways of a green valley, water falls, and golden roads she rides and roars. Stairways of nature, up in hills towards the sky and back to the soil, hymn and purr she arrives in her home.

A town with surrounded by mountains, designed by sacred geometry. As all waters flow towards right, in circle motions, the temple of sun pointing towards sun and mirror of sun rays, reflection of energies, softly recharge, clear and heal. She is nearly at her home. Leaving the horse free, She always comes when needed but today she runs wild and runs to in the fields.

She is inside of the circle of home. Creates a moment to drop her dress down, in a moment of silver reflection shows her picture. Her beauty as she walks under the lava stone, where a small river runs, her garden, and shower. She washes herself, flowery herbs, uses embrace her body and spirit, a mix of magic and earth, she loves to make the experiment of elements, the 5th element is magic she knows.
In her side room, she finds her purple outfit, stronger material, dark and practical. As she slides it on, not using nothing under, she grabs her crystal record. Programs their memory of today, leaves it under the rock in the garden, leaving energies to be reclaimed later, she takes with her the violet and blue. And a bag of things.

In hallways, she is circle room with golden pillars and pyramid roof, it’s time to teleport now. Focusing just on the intention and dimensions, she steps in place between reality and dream and appears near the field.
Where the Unicorn is waiting for her, as them eyes meet the beam of light of her unicorn shines in the universe, beyond her eyes, they grasp and respect the energies of the embodiment. She is still bit confused and out of balance of the dimensional sift and viewing energies of higher dimensions. Behind her golden, yellow fields, a front of her huge hefty forest. Silence has replaced the thunder and two butterflies the moon.

Unicorn bows and offers her back to take her where she needs to go. She knows soon borders are being broken and something is about to happen, as unicorn walks in the thick forest, sounds of life gather in her presence and she winds in her mood. Thinking the years behind lives spend to learn, to study to be in service of the universe. She remembers the moments, the love, joy and cosmic humor, she remembers the kisses, touches unions and oozing passion. She knows the rainbows of future and the clouds of tomorrow. She has her amity of heart.

Soon they arrive near the stone cave front of it tree lodge. She has become here to meet a group of priestesses, magicians, and beings, all arrive at them own will and walk them own path.
One is waiting her there, she Calls his name, purple robe covers the blue livery outfit. She calls his name, with smile them eyes sparkle and smile. Her hands tied on him and lips meet. To join together flame and sun, his finger travels on her spine, brushing her silk hair, the softness what he was missing, just makes so good to feel it, again and again.

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